Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Summer dreams

Okay, okay, I know I should be focusing on all the studying I have to do for my medical entrance exams, but   oh dear God I can't stop thinking about the glorious, glorious summer ahead of me!!

So, I'll be working out and stuff to be all toned and shit before I hit Goa...so I'll have to do Pilates...

I also have to find a place in my city where I can do some funky purple streaks in my hair :D
Oh, and I need to find a not-so-cleavagey bikini top + awesome sarong to wear on the beaches...
I have to get one of my friends to get me a Ray Ban like really cheap (around 2000 rs?) as opposed to the market price (Rs. 5000)

Oh and if my mom really does take that Corinthians Club membership then I'll be hanging out there quite a lot I guess! Free swimming and free gym, snooker and discounts on stuff! And the pool is just...so blue! Plus it has a waterfall kind of thing in the evenings! And a really cute cafe at the pool side called Oceanus :) The whole setting is just so cute. Oh and that beer brewery called Smokies is all popular and full of hot chicks. 

I just can't wait!! 7 months later (which is when I'm finally free of textbooks. temporarily.) I hope to look exactly something like this---

I so want a leopard print bikini!!! Somebody get me one :P

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