Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Summer dreams

Okay, okay, I know I should be focusing on all the studying I have to do for my medical entrance exams, but   oh dear God I can't stop thinking about the glorious, glorious summer ahead of me!!

So, I'll be working out and stuff to be all toned and shit before I hit Goa...so I'll have to do Pilates...

I also have to find a place in my city where I can do some funky purple streaks in my hair :D
Oh, and I need to find a not-so-cleavagey bikini top + awesome sarong to wear on the beaches...
I have to get one of my friends to get me a Ray Ban like really cheap (around 2000 rs?) as opposed to the market price (Rs. 5000)

Oh and if my mom really does take that Corinthians Club membership then I'll be hanging out there quite a lot I guess! Free swimming and free gym, snooker and discounts on stuff! And the pool is just...so blue! Plus it has a waterfall kind of thing in the evenings! And a really cute cafe at the pool side called Oceanus :) The whole setting is just so cute. Oh and that beer brewery called Smokies is all popular and full of hot chicks. 

I just can't wait!! 7 months later (which is when I'm finally free of textbooks. temporarily.) I hope to look exactly something like this---

I so want a leopard print bikini!!! Somebody get me one :P

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Late night hookah

Klastar Inn may not seem like the usual place to go for hookah, but it's pretty good there. The hookah, I mean.
It's quite centrally located, sort of in the heart of the city. Near Mocha only. The good thing about Klastar is that it's open till at least 3 am. 

       Which I found out because of our (mine and Rohit's) desperate hunt for a late night (or rather, very very early morning) hookah last week. I'd sneaked out of the house for the second time in my whole life. We were gonna go to Laddro on FC road but it turned out to be closed that night. So after wandering about for about half an hour it was I who had the bright idea to try out Klastar. Well of course I had the idea. Rohit hardly ever has any good ideas aside from the once-in-a-blue-moon stroke of genius. 

       We reached there at 3 am but the manager people were so nice that they said we could do hookah till 4. So it was quite nice (and exciting) to sit there in the dark watching bollywood songs on the flat screen TV. Although I'm not quite sure how exciting it was for Rohit since he's used to being out late anyway.
       Aside from Klastar Inn on Bhandarkar road, there are quite a few places you can do hookah this late in the night. Sufiz, for instance, is open all night. It's in Kondhwa and one of my best friends has an account there. Which is just cool. Laddro's open till quite late too, I suppose. Don't be fooled by the locked front door, though...apparently there is a back entrance. And just today I found out that KULBA (the place I wrote about in my earlier post) is open till 4 am! So yay cause I just love that place and my swimming buddy's gonna take me there tomorrow! So it'll be my second visit. I'm not sure if Rohit's gonna like me going out with him so much, but I suppose I just won't tell him. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no intention of doing anything wrong at all, but Rohit's just so busy these days! Stupid exams. 

       Well. Anyway. I guess that's enough personal talk, tomorrow I'm writing about some lovely scrumptious breakfast places to go to. Dinner's overrated, anyway. Haha. Ciao!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Unconventional hookah place

I’ve been to a few Gulf countries before and I absolutely love that kind of Arabic environment. Everything about it. And muslim people (guys especially. Due to their hotness. Duh). So finding a place like that where I live in India… I thought it was impossible. Until I found out that a particular area of my city Pune is just filled with all these hookah parlours with Muslim people everywhere. Awesome!

So I caught hold of my boyfriend and told him I’m sick of going to the same nearby places he keeps taking me to. He thought about it for a moment and said we should go to something called Lazy Pipes on NIBM road. We got there, and it was just…I mean there were holes in the sofas for god’s sake! Why is that place so popular anyway!

We started climbing down the stairs again but we saw this other place called KULBA in the same building which looked pretty decent. We got inside and saw all these hot Arabic people sitting around watching TV. It almost looked like somebody’s house! Until the waiter came to take our order. We asked him which hookah was the best and ordered exactly that. It tasted kinda like blackcurrant but it turned out to be simply amazing! And there is no way you could find such awesome hookah anywhere in the city just for Rs.130!

Apart from that we did try a few interesting things like Afghani green tea (which turned out to be some tea you can get in boxes at the supermarket. Boo!), some sweet lassi (ok-ok) which my boyfriend spilled all over the table like the klutz that he is and this big dry chicken thing which was also nice. The hookah was really cheap so we could easily have ordered some interesting looking Afghani breads, but it was rather a risk and I had to get home haha.

So here are the details people, you should definitely go there for some quiet time with a few hookah buddies. You even get showerma (that Arabic chicken sandwich in case u don’t know) and all that.

Owner- Najibullah Amini
Address- 1st Floor, Prime Landmark, Opp. Bliss Bakery, S No. 63, NIBM Road, Kondhwa, Pune 411048 (Hint: it’s below Lazy Pipes)
Mob- (+91) 9545203495, 020-30422202